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With thanks to the Durex TM, above you can see the result of a survey conducted by this globally-recognised condom manufacturer. You can see how you compare. More results from this survey are reproduced in How to Maximize Your Manhood.

You will be shown how to measure your penis, in girth as well as length. You will read, and see illustrated, more graphs on Penis Size Survey Respondents by Age, Average Size - before and after a programme of penis enlargement exercises - and Average Gains in Volume related to time spent on PE exercises.

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Clive will take you through all the steps you need for success; making your mind up about just how big you want to be - never be an unreasonable lover; there is such a thing as being too big, see photo below - planning your routine, decribing in detail your preparations and exercises best for you.

There are plenty of forums you can join, with some listed in the book, but Clive Peters is probably the only author who offers one-to-one personal mentoring to those that have bought the book - without having to share with others, as you would on a forum - for those who have bought the book but have hit a stumbling block. He reads all your emails but cannot promise to answer all individually. Here's his personal contact email address: [email protected]
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​"I have had the book for 4 months now. I am following the directions that are in the book as it is written. I must say, that I am very excited about where my manhood will be this time next year. Clive Peters have written a great book of instructions for those men who are looking to take control of the area they think of most. In reading the book I am realizing more and more how important it is for one to pace themselves. The process dose takes time for those that have it. Follow the instructions according to how it is written in the book, YOU will definately get the results that you are looking to achieve."

... Tommy, Verified Purchase, Paperback,