Clive Peters - author of
How To Maximize Your Manhood - eBook or Soft Cover
The question, 'Does Size Matter?' is addressed; reference to historical facts and published surveys, coupled with views expressed by women are made. Man's own raison d'etre is considered and described; his needs explained. Male genitalia described and illustrated; their functions explained.​

You'll read and see how penile growth can be achieved by natural means, and how the exercises actually work. Through reliable surveys, you can make personal comparisons. All methods are described in detail with added confirmation provided by the active participation of the author, and his medically qualified mentor - who also wrote the Foreword.

​Over a period of 5 years, Clive identified the best of the best penis enlargement practitioners and exchanged views and ideas, experiences and advice from that select few. It quickly became apparent that each had become an expert in a particular aspect of penile enlargement (PE). Many of the routines and exercises described are drawn from those few - but with the added skills developed by the author through his own involvement.

Using only your hands, you can follow the easy-to-read, step-by-step, exercises. Cautionary notes guide you through to advanced routines. Human nature being what it is, many men seek mechanical devices to help achieve, or speed up, their aims. These aids are identified and guidance given on the use of weights (hanging), vacuum pumps and cylinders, lubricants, traction devices, pills, potions and patches, and much more.

This book also helps identify the more responsibly run internet forums, where you can share experiences with other, like-minded, men (and women) in this very private practice. Surveys, and research, results among students of PE reproduced in the book show gains made in succesful growth by a volunteer group over a 3 month period.

You can read the opinions and preferences of women surveyed about penis length and thickness.
Beware of websites, or spam, offering this book for free download, or ridiculously low price. At best they are incomplete and, at worst, they may infect your PC with a virus.

Don't risk losing everything.

Clive Peters
​Verifiable Testimonial
"This book will not only teach you how to successfully enlarge your one eyed trouser trout, it will inform you on the common mistakes to avoid when perusing PE. 
10/10 Highly Recommended."
........ Mr H Woldemichael (real name), Reviewer, Amazon.co.uk