Clive Peters, Author
Born in London, Clive Peters is a retired businessman, married, with a grown-up family. In addition to studying men's health and sexual relationships, his hobbies include sailing and travel. He has been studying men's sexual health since 1998, and written widely on the subject; most recently publishing 'Exploring Sex, Love and Lust'.

In common with 10% of the male population (that's 2.3 million men at any one time in the UK, and recent research indicates that 40% of these men are over 40 but it can occur in men as young as 20), Clive suffered the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED), and not being entirely satisfied with his doctor's suggestion that he takes Viagra TM  to effect a cure, he began researching the subject through other professional medical contacts, and further afiled, using the Internet, to find a cure.

This approach lead to discovering penis enlargement programmes that claimed to not only increase the size of your penis, but help rectify ED as well. Then Clive met Dr Trevor Roberts and, together, comparing notes whilst trying out various routines, and corresponding with other like-minded men for more than 5 years, Clive not only produced a solution for his ED, and Dr Roberts increased his length from 3.5 inches to a healthy, and useful 7 inches, between them they managed to produce this definitive work on the subject of Penis Enlargement.
"If you ever thought this problem was too embarrassing for words, that you'd been short-changed in the trouser department or, worse still, have ever suffered the humiliation of being asked: 'Is it in yet?', and you thought there was no way to change it, think again: this works and can change your life - for the better."                ..... Clive Peters
​Verifiable Testimonial
"Useful book, at right price. Written in good English and full of simple and useful information. Unlike more expensive manuals, the book is not overloaded with uneccessary, found in every sex manual ... chatter and jargon. Author addresses reader as a reasonable human being, not a village idiot ... offering very simple and comprehensible system of exercises."
​......  Gregory Ticker, Reviewer,